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    In early 1940s, John G. Dramm, an invention called "water nozzle 400 breaker", it has 400 holes, can be converted into high speed flow soft flow of water to the plant, the invention has proven to be extremely great, and has become the cornerstone of the development of DRAMM company. Until today, professional greenhouse tools and equipment DRAMN company production and sales of a complete product line throughout the world, the products include a variety of spray, smoke machine, environmental controller and gardening equipment, this is the industry's most respected brand.

    The development of the company, from a basement to a 55000 square foot facility, more than 50 employees, the global enterprise value of more than a billion dollars and not the 1951 Everything is going smoothly. Johnny died, only 47 years old, now the size of the company is Perdita

  • his wife, two sons John and Peter William, a member of the Kurt family after decades of effort operating results.

    After 1978, the research and production of Drammatic liquid fish fertilizer played a very important role in the development of a new level of DRAMM company, which led to Kurt William. Drammatic fish liquid fertilizer is beneficial to the environment, because it is the one hundred percent organic fertilizer, this is the use of North American wild fish, the fish decomposed by natural enzyme hydrolysis after made into useful and efficient fertilizer products, a series of high technology. Thus, a clean, advanced factory built in 1999 for completion in Wisconsin's Goma.


  • In just the past ten years, DRAMM company with a strong family tradition of strong foundation and international business philosophy has been witnessed explosive growth. Kurt Dramm said: "our company already has a strong confidence ready to flourish in twenty-first Century."