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DRAMMATICJ Foliage type fish foliar fertilizer raw materials from wild fish and sea north algae, using natural enzyme hydrolysis alone, the whole production process of fresh fish and seaweed, to retain the integrity of their nutrients, rich in protein, amino acids, polypeptides, immune, vitamins, nitrogen phosphorus potassium alginate, trace elements and other growth factor activity organic, meet the healthy growth of crops.
DRAMMATICJ Zhuo Emmett type liquid fertilizer can fish leaf full complement of crop nutrition, improve photosynthesis, enhance immunity and resistance of crops, fruit and flower, table light colored, is a forceful guarantee for improving the yield and quality of crops
DRAMMATICJ Foliage type is the addition of alginate based on DRAMMATICJ Emmett Zhuo broad-spectrum liquid fertilizer on fish, more suitable for spraying.

Use of technology and methods of use

Too Many Fish is suitable for all kinds of crops. Can be mixed with other pesticides, foliar fertilizer use, according to the equivalent input, According to the amount of dilution, shake well before use. (Can not be mixed with strong acid and alkali class)

Foliar spray according to the different growth stages of the use of 300-600 times diluted solution, sooner or later, evenly sprayed on the foliage, growth phase 7-10 days of spraying once.

Use matters needing attention

According to local agricultural expert guidance, timely and proper use. Avoid storing diluted fertilizers, Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid eating, after washing.