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DRAMMATICJ Seaweed type fish liquid fertilizer, raw material is produced by American DRAMM from wild fish and Sea North America with natural seaweed, hydrolysis of unique, preserved fish and seaweed its nutrients, rich in protein, amino acids, polypeptides, immune alginic acid, nitrogen phosphorus potassium and other unknown growth factor, can fully replenish nutrition, activation of the soil, the rooting paugan, improve immunity, meet the organic crop growth.
DRAMMATICJ Seaweed type fish liquid fertilizer is added alginate based on DRAMMATICJ Emmett Zhuo broad-spectrum liquid fertilizer on the fish, the fish fertilizer to achieve better results.

Use of technology and methods of use

DRAMMATICJ is suitable for various crops, can be used for fertilizer, seed dressing, planting root irrigation, drip irrigation, fertilizer and foliar spraying in the late growth. Can be used alone can also be mixed with other fertilizer use, according to the equivalent input can be. According to the amount of dilution, avoid storing diluted fertilizer, shake well before use.

1、 Seed soaking,seed, dipping root using 50~100 times diluted solution, soak for half an hour .

2、The concentration of irrigation and flushing can be flexibly controlled according to the actual situation.It is recommended that each 3-5 kg per mu of vegetables,growth period 10-15 days; The fruit trees per acre 5-10 kg, growth period 10-15 days; The earlier the use of better results.

3、Foliar application of 300-600 times of diluted solution was used in the different growth stages of different crops,sooner or later, evenly sprayed on the foliage, Growth period 10-15 days of spraying once.

4、Can replace the traditional fertilizer with value, also with large elements of biological fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer and other functional fertilizer use, comprehensive effect is better.

Use matters needing attention

According to local agricultural expert guidance, timely and proper use. Avoid storing diluted fertilizers, Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid eating, after washing.