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DRAMMATICJ broad spectrum type fish liquid fertilizer, raw materials produced by American DRAMM company; the appearance of brown liquid, a faint smell of fish, is a fresh fish at room temperature by natural enzyme hydrolysis, scientific deployment of various nutrient elements of pure plant extracts, the product retains the natural fish oil, protein, amino acids, active substances other nutrients, nutrient rich quick absorption, non-toxic does not contain any chemical composition, is the ideal green organic fertilizer.

DRAMMATICJ broad spectrum type is suitable for various crops, crop variety meet the nutritional needs, and can improve soil and activate soil nutrient; animal nutritional value of fish protein is 3 - 5 times the vegetable protein, and cultivate earthworms and microorganisms, make the soil loose; a large number of free amino acids and peptides for the direct absorption of crops can generally improve crop yield, improve crop quality, promote crop; early maturity; crop root system, enhance crop resistance drought resistance and alkali resistance ability; reducing pesticide and fertilizer use, reduce environmental pollution. The fertilizer can be used as base fertilizer, seed planting, irrigation, fertilizer and foliar spraying in the late growth. Can be used alone can also be mixed with other fertilizer use, according to the equivalent input can be.

DRAMMATICJ broad spectrum type made by American DRAMM company's unique production process,his product is called fish hydrolysate; on the contrary, today known fish fertilizer on the market are mostly fish and fish: fish emulsion fermentation liquid emulsion is first cooked fish oil extraction, made into health care products or cosmetics, surplus the waste water is condensed into brown viscous liquid, called fish emulsion, the emulsion after cooking and extraction of nutrients of fish was destroyed. Fish fermentation broth is better than the fish emulsion, but the fish raw material in the fermentation process to go through high temperature treatment, the consumption of fish nutrients, destroy the fish's own active substances. In addition, other types of water soluble fertilizer containing amino acids, amino acids for artificial blending, of unknown origin, single amino acids, more incomparable. See sketch pictures

“Natural organic, equivalent efficiency” Has always been the goal of DRAMM company,to feed the fish, crops will be your ideal choice for fertilizer.

Amino acid≥100g/L  Cu+Fe+Mn+Zn≥20g/L
Total amino acids 10.03%
tryptophan 0.03 asparagic acid 0.91  threonine 1.14  serine 0.04  glutamic acid 0.36 proline 0.56
glycocoll 1.15 alanine 1.15 Cysteine acid 0.10 valine 0.53 methionine 0.38 isoleucine 0.45
leucine 0.81 tyrosine 0.14 phenylalanine 0.40 histidine 0.21 lysine 0.70 arginine 0.61

1. Shake well before use, diluted day use, avoid storing diluted fertilizer;
2. Soaking seed, dipping root by soaking 100 - 150 times diluted solution.
3. Spraying according to different crops in different growth stages of the use of 300 - 600 times dilution of the solution, and sooner or later uniform spraying on the leaf, the growth period of 7 - 10 days.
4. Root irrigation and fertilizer use concentration can be flexible according to the actual situation, according to different crops per acre 5 - 10 kg is appropriate.
5. Fruit trees and shrubs of the basal fertilizer spraying gun, 20 - to 100 fold dilution of uniform pressure distribution in the ground 10 -- 20 cm, run times crown projection area.
6. Mixed with other fertilizers use: DRAMMATIC J fish liquid fertilizer and other fertilizer mixed use effect is better, generally accounted for the total amount of fertilizer 40 - 60%. And biological fertilizer used together can as a carrier of microorganism, increase the number of soil microbes and vigor, make the fertilizer effect is better; and conventional organic fertilizer used together, can accelerate the decomposition and provide more necessary nutrition; fertilizer used together can prevent and correct all kinds of nutritional deficiencies, to keep the soil loose, to maintain the vitality of root system, fully activate the elements of chemical fertilizer in soil, effectively improve the utilization rate of fertilizer.
7. Mixed with the pesticide: DRAMMATIC J fish liquid fertilizer can be mixed with the pesticide use, and the amount of reduce the dosage and frequency of pesticide.